Welcome to Pollex’ blog, where I post summaries and guides to subjects related to Software Engineering. Think about programming architectures and project planning methods.

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I am a student!

That’s true! I am an informatics student at Fontys in The Netherlands.

I have always been obsessed with programming and computer related subjects. The complexity of computers and programming speaks to me. It’s pretty much a little puzzle that needs to be solved!

So what is this…?

Well Pollex is a name I came up with for my company, however at that time the Pollex domain was not available, hence my company is named PollexProjects.

However now that the Pollex domain is mine, I decided that instead of re-branding the company, I would make it a blog about software engineering. Both to help software engineering students and to help people who are teaching themselves, but of course everyone is allowed here!

Anything else?

You might want to look at the downloads page. It will contain notes about different subjects, source-codes and if possible exclusive study-material.